Friday, November 18, 2005

Our winter butterfly

Our butterfly
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Several years ago, when we lived in Moscow, we had a butterfly fly in our window in September. She lived with us until January, when we had to travel and couldn't take care of her any longer. This year Jaan and I found a butterfly out on the stairs, and we've already been enjoying her presence for over a week. Often it seems like the ones that we see looking for refuge in autumn are old. This one is brand new and brightly colored. My theory is that some caterpillars wander indoors to make their chrysalises. Then, when the heat first comes on, they think it's already spring and emerge. I think that's what happened with this one.

Explaining about the butterfly's antennae
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Or maybe the wings? He was certainly fascinated with and very excited about something.


Anonymous said...

Viewing the budding naturalist makes me smile. (Accidentally I first typed "bugging naturalst"--in this instance perhaps he is trying to imitate an insect). Also I have been intrigued to see that you can get kiwi fruit. Teaching children about the wonders of creation helps us to remember how very wonderful they are.

Much love to each one....

BabaJulie said...

I am so glad that you all have a new "Babootchka"!! (How's that???) (: I know Jaan was upset when he realized the other one had "gone away". Check Wed and Thurs for comments from me. I'm just now getting back on! Love you all!