Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday morning

As usual after a weekend, I was greeted by a huge pile of dirty dishes, toys scattered to the four winds, and a mountain of laundry. But it's worth it! Our weekends are very full and fun. We've added in a "physical and spiritual supper" for the youth and young families here after church, hence the dishes and toys. I don't have time to wash diapers on Saturdays, and I think it goes against my principles to wash on Sundays, so the laundry adds up, too.

Saturday night a new guy came to the youth club! So, pray for Misha. He has to come back at least once, because he loaned Will a CD.

Sunday I served everyone a casserole made from leftover turkey and a second pumpkin pie. Will served them the first lesson that he's translated from our NTBI Christian life class notes.

Monday is our day to catch up and spend time together, so I'm off to enjoy my family and chores.


BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! Sounds like a fun and profitable weekend! We will certainly be praying for this new dinner at your apt and also for Misha! We have been praying specifically for the youth club. So, I consider his presence an answer to prayer! Sounds like you have a busy Mon ahead of you! Much Love to Will, Phyllis, Jaan and Raia!

Phyllis said...

Aunt Lindy, the photos are still too big to come through. Email me and I'll tell you what you can do. (I don't have your email address.)