Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Вы свет мира"

"You are the light of the world"
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

For tomorrow, fish crackers! (If we do this again next year, I'll have to try to get some from America. The fish crackers here are plain and flavorless.)
"December 7 - These would not go very far if you were really hungry! But Jesus could make much out of little. Read: Matthew 14:13-21."


Anonymous said...

Even if I didn't love all three people in it, I would consider this a prize photo! The use of light and the composition are both magnificent. But since we love each of you, the picture is even more dear.

BabaJulie said...

That is a wonderful Christmas picture! And, we will get you some flavored Goldfish for next year, if you do it again! There are lots of flavors now and they come in nice little snack pkgs, too, that are not real expensive! And, they're light weight! (Just right for mailing!!) Love you all!