Friday, December 01, 2006

First day of Advent!

For tonight
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We’re starting to build anticipation for Jesus’ birthday today. We got out our Christmas decorations and put some of them up. Jaan helped, while Raia stood in her crib and commented: “Ooo! Ah! Look! Look! Look!” (She just started saying “look” in Russian. It’s supposed to be смотри, but it comes out три.) Tonight we’ll do the first part of a preschool level advent list that I found. If you want to see what we’re doing, there’s a similar list at this site. Just skip down to where it says “a quarter,” and that’s the start. The picture is of the bags we made and tonight’s card and treasure. I love this age! They helped me make the bags, but they’ll still be so excited and surprised to learn that the bags are their own. Each night we’ll hide the bags for them to find with a little treat and a Bible reference to read. It will take us all over the New Testament and let them hear about Jesus every night. Jaan’s really enjoying singing now, so he’ll be learning some Christmas carols, too.

Nothing makes Christmas better than seeing it through the eyes of a child! We’re getting to a level where they actually understand some of what’s going on. I can’t wait to celebrate Jesus’ birth with Jaan and Raia this year and see how they take it to heart.


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Phyllis you are such a wonderfully fun mother!

Nicholas is just so thrilled that today is the day to open is first little door on his advent Calendar that his Godmother sent him!

The Orthodox Nativity Fast started some time ago so nothing is really marked for us on Dec. 1. That is why Nicholas kept asking me when he could start the calendar (which is a Western thing).

I love that the children are able to understand what Christmas really is! A celebration of the Birth of Christ!

Next week Nicholas is going to take treats into school for his name day celebration. Dec. 6th is the feast day of St. Nicholas. He is excited to take his iconof his Patron Saint to school and share with with his classmates, the Holy man he was named for and how St. Nicholas is an example to him , a Christian hero on how to live a life like Christ desires.

Enjoy this special time of preparation with your precious family. Your children are so adorable and so very, very blessed!

BabaJulie said...

What a blessing to watch our grandchildren learn about Christ in so many ways! And, I agree. This is a fun age when they are beginning to really understand. We continue to pray for you all, Jaan and Raia as you raise them in the "fear and admonition of the Lord"! In His Love!