Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who are missing snow
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We had a wonderful family Christmas yesterday, and now the holiday season is just getting started here. Yesterday we had a quiet morning together, then went out for a walk in the woods. The weather was perfect: clear and cold with fresh snow. Will kept trying to get pictures of the snow sparkling in the air, but it didn't show up in any of them. All of us had a great time enjoying the beauty, sledding, and having fun together.

Jaan and Raia were so tired when we got home that they took extra long naps. While they slept, Will and I enjoyed the quiet and prepared our Christmas dinner. The children woke up to that, then the Christmas story, a present, and a birthday cake. We spent the evening visiting our neighbors with treats and Christmas greetings. (December 25 isn't a holiday at all for them.) Then it was bedtime. We had such a perfect day, I didn't want it to end! I'm glad we get to celebrate for another two weeks here.

There are a ton of pictures from yesterday. Hopefully, I will get to sharing some of those and the last little bit of advent soon.

My wish for you is that you will continue to celebrate Christ always, even if you live somewhere where Christmas is already over.


BabaJulie said...

And, a Merry Christmas to you all! It was good talking to you all yesterday. We appreciate you talking to our guests, as well. They are very interested in your ministry and enjoyed talking with Will.

We had a very nice time together. Grandma and Pop finally got here around 4:30 and stayed a couple of hours. The last of our guests left around 7:30!

Please pray for the families of Kitty Crater (my friend, Louise's mother) and Leah Hempfling (Bonnie's sister). Kitty's funeral is today and I assume that Leah's will be tomorrow. This has been a happy and sad Holiday season here for our family of believers. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Your posting warms the heart; I am very thankful you had such a lovely day. Much love to each special one....

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Hunsuckers! =) So what was your Dec. 24th advent treasure?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas again! I love the picture of Jaan and Raia out in the snow. I really like the glasses that you sent- whoever selected them did a great job. Green is my favorite glass color, with blue being a close second,so that was a great choice. Question-are those actual crystal? We're assuming they are. They have the leaded crystal symbal on the stickers, but they don't make the sound crystal normally makes-perhaps because they're so thin? Regardless, they're beautiful.Thank you!