Monday, December 04, 2006


Showing off their smiles
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Again yesterday Will had to be at church early, so Jaan and I waded through the mud without him. So you understand, we're talking about walking for an hour on unpaved roads. It really wouldn't take that long usually, but with short little legs and all that mud, it did. I actually looped a belt over my arm so that Jaan would have something to hold onto, while I used both hands to hold sleeping Raia.

As we were walking through a particularly messy spot, all I was looking at was our feet, trying to find a way through, and I was thinking about how yucky the ground was. Out of nowhere, Jaan said, "Мамочка, на небе не грязно." ("Mama, in the sky/heaven it's not muddy." I don't know if he meant the literal sky or heaven; he was looking at the sky.) I looked up, and I think I smiled the rest of the way. I'm so thankful for a little boy's perspective to remind me to look up!

"Радуйтесь и веселитесь"
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(The photos are from last night. Jaan and Raia loved their smiley stickers! Jaan wanted to know if Jesus had stickers when He was little. )


Anonymous said...

We all need to "keep looking up." Thanks, Jaan, for the reminder. Much love....

BabaJulie said...

Tell Jaan, who knows? Maybe Jesus had a Mama as creative and thoughtful as yours!! (And, I'll bet she was!)

Your description of the muddy roads and trek to church gives perspective to us! It's so easy to complain about what we don't have until we consider how people in other countries live on a normal basis!! Thanks, Jaan, for the encouragement to "keep looking up"!!! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

OH! Those smiley stickers were way too cute. Especially how your little one's dressed with them. Oh and I couldn't resist a little giggle with Will wearing one on his forehead too! :O) What a great Papa to join in on the fun!!!

Isn't it wonderful how children can always find the bright positive aspects of an experience?! I love the reminder to keep looking up. =)