Sunday, December 24, 2006

His little sheep (and regional news)

Wool socks!
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(Jaan was in desperate need of wool socks, so that was what they found in their bags last night, instead of any other reminder of sheep.)

For those of you who know and love everyone out here, and for all the prayer warriors who pray without knowing them personally, here's a random list of the news that Will brought back from the regional missionary-pastor meeting Friday:
The Miskevichs have a new baby! (I don't know the gender or name, but at least I know about the baby!) The Egorovs--that's Nadya and Volodya in Sudogda, who were in the car accident this summer--have a baby due at the end of January, and the baby is still breech; please pray! (And please pray for my friend Shannon, who's in the same situation.) The Kolchugino church wants to join back in to our regional church organization. The government is tightening control on non-profit organizations. (Moms, don't worry. This is not personal persecution. It's new paperwork and inspections for the churches.) They watched a presentation compiling survey data from independent surveys; the official figures are that Russia is about 70% Christian (Orthodox). These surveys went deeper: about 7% actually attend church, take communion, and are serious about what they believe. Pray for Russia!


Anonymous said...

Good morning,
I always enjoy your family "adventures". You have such sweet kids.
Merry Christmas.
Nelly from Greece

BabaJulie said...

Phyllis - Did it surprise you that only 7% of Russians take their Orthodoxy seriously? It has always seemed that way to me, just an observer. Much like people in the US. I think many claim to be religious people, but few are really Christians or anything else (comparatively speaking). Yes, we continue to pray for Russia!!

And, what does Raia have on her head??? (: Lots of love!

Mrs said...

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family! Hope you had a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Considering the great persecution the Orthodox Church suffered last century and the millions of Orthodox Christians, monk, nuns and priest where that where put to death for their faith in Christ it is amazing that there is 7% of the massive population in Russia that does go to Church and receive the sacraments. Truly that is the power of the Holy Spirit!
Glory be to God for all things!

Americans have no idea what it means to be persecuted for your faith or die for Christ.