Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some Christmas pictures (and more)

Christmas morning
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Raia pushes Jaan
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Jaan pushes Papa
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I should have taken some photos of how the children slept after all the fun in the snow! The weather today is just as beautiful as it was when we took these pictures, it's just colder now. (The temperature is a good bit lower than the Vladimir weather sticker is showing.)

Woodpecker paintings
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Jaan and I painted again last night. We've been seeing a Great Spotted Woodpecker right here around our home recently, so of course we had to paint one. We had seen them in the woods before, but never right here. Jaan's painting is more than just woodpeckers, but I can't remember all the other details. I'll have to ask him to explain it to me again.


BabaJulie said...

OOOoooo... Colder than 13F? That's cold!! It's beautiful but I think I'll stick with our 61 for a high today! We will be praying for Sergei, too.

We're having 10 people for supper club tonight. That should be fun! And, we're preparing for the New Year with a party at the Bargeron's Sun. night. I know we'll all enjoy that!

Oh! Oh! I made Organic Fruitcake Mufflette Soaps yesterday!! Bernie says they look like salmon patties, but they are creamy and sudsy and smell real good! I'm getting creative in my old age!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your day in the snow looks like it was a delight for everyone.

It gives me great pleasure to see that you and Jaan continue your artworks--and with such beautiful results. Much love....

Will said...

Hey Mommmm...

to what does the 'Organic Fruitcake' part of the name refer?
The person who makes the soap...?? ;o)
And what in the name of Lenin's goatee is a 'Mufflette' !?!??
Getting something in our old age, we are for sure, we are. ; 0)

Ever Your Loving Son,

Will =o)