Monday, November 12, 2007

Not always happy

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But isn't she cute even when she's not happy?

And a few more random things:
I've seen a new bird! When the men were here to fill out charges against me, I was watching this little bird hopping around on the ground just outside our window. I wanted to look it up, and of course, I couldn't right then. The next day it was back, though, so we had a great time watching it and figuring out what it was. We also have tons of синицы at our feeder, along with sparrows ("greedy birds," according to Jaan). One снегирь landed on our feeder quickly one day, but he hasn't come back. I miss them from when we lived upstairs! Maybe they don't like the ground floor?

We haven't kept up with the cold, and so now we have frozen pumpkins, squashes, beets, carrots and garlic. I thought it would be warm enough on our enclosed balcony and in our garden house for a little while longer. What should I do? I'd especially like to save the pumpkins; they're a really yummy variety. What if I boil them right away?


Anonymous said...

...yet she is adorable. Even Asya's pouty face makes me smile.

Although pumpkin should be blanched before freezing, I suggest cooking it, tasting to see if it's good, then (hopefully) freezing. Perhaps only the texture will be affected. Since onions and green peppers can be frozen without blanching, garlic may be in the same category.

Your little birds are beautiful; thanks for links to their photos. Perhaps later I will have time to research English common names.

We love each of you....

Mrs said...

In a word, YES! How adorable!

Can't help you on the frozen food. Your Mom's advice, as usual, seems sound.

Baba Julie said...

Hi! That is a precious pout!!! She is beautiful, regardless of her mood!!

And, I agree with your mom. If the pumpkin is really frozen, you should be able to cook it and refreeze it.

I love the little birds! The first one is a type of sparrow, isn't it? The other two are so pretty!! I know you enjoy watching them! Love you all!

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

What an adorable little face! Who does she look like when she's doing that?

Thanks for the bird links. It is really nice to know what kinds of critters you see.

Anonymous said...

In order of mention, the birds described seem to be:

Carduelis flammea or common redpoll

Parus major or great tit

Pyrrhula pyrrhula or Eurasian bullfinch

Happy birding to all!

Anonymous said...

Look at those precious little cheeks! I want to kiss them! Is she looking blonde, like Raia? See my blog for my little pouter. =)

Pray for us this week- Tim's wedding on Saturday!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Even her pout is sweet!