Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thought (and Prayer) Provoking Material

As I scan newspapers now and then to keep in touch with the world at large, and Russian national news in specific, once in a while something just leaps out at me. Usually it's something that either pertains to freedom of religion or the lack thereof here in Russia, something that I can use to explain to people just HOW different things are here. . . or something that might well pertain to us personally!
That last possibility is always nicely mentally bracing, thought provoking, and definitely prayer provoking!

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Please be praying with us that current legislation as well as proposed legislation would not hinder in any way our living and ministering in Russia. Even more so, be praying that the Russian church would be able to continue to preach the Gospel and minister, to grow and develop, despite hinderances and restrictions that already exist and most likely will only increase.


RevLinda said...

May you know freedom of religion and its expression. May God bless you with wisdom and insight.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Hey Phyllis,
I thought of you guys as I read an article in the newsletter recently published at our Seattle Church. Here's the website if you are looking for an encouraging word on workers within the Russian church:


The article is under the a title like "Words like Thunder Create a Heart for Youth."

I know that as you continue to do your work, it will be recognized as a positive force in your community, not the negative extremism that is frightening to many governments.

Anonymous said...

You and your family and Holy Russia are always in our prayers. I wish there was a way to work with the Russian Orthodox Church.I agree the people need Christ and the Gospel. The situation there is so grave. The country was converted to Christianty 988 AD. The Church there needs so much help since its persecution.

Have you read Fr. Arseny Priest, prisoner and spiritual father ?


Fr. Arseny is one of the best books I have ever read. His life and what he indured at the hands of the communist is deeply, deeply moving.

I know you and Will have read other Kallistos' (Timothy Ware's) books and have a good understanding of history and such.

Praying that God's will be done and Christ contiues to bless protect and guide you and your family in every thought work and deed in your life and that Holy Russia will rise again. So many generations have been starved of God.

With love in Christ,

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis - This article strikes fear in my heart. I know that religious persecution is alive and well in Russia after listening to what has transpired with the camp ministry the past two summers. It is not the same persecution that was suffered in past years, but real none the less. We will pray for the door to be open for as long as possible and the work of the Lord to continue and to be abundantly fruitful!!

Taiki33 said...

that law could be a good, or a really bad thing. I can see it being used to keep cult type groups from getting started, but at the same time, it could be used to stop any thing that went against one persons view. Good luck!!!!

QuiverFull said...

It's been a long time since we've communicated but we've been praying.

It seems that there is a long history of persecution in Russia. Is it true that well before the Soviet takeover the Church had a "Russian" stamp on it?